Bike Greases

Morgan Blue - For The Best Bike Greases 

Bike greases are used for a variety of bike care solutions, including building bikes right through to greasing your bearings and fast-moving items. 

Introducing Morgan Blue bicycle greases 

Since the mid-1990s, Belgium based, family-owned Morgan Blue has been synonymous with bicycle lubricants and bicycle greases. A familiar name on the World Tour circuit, Morgan Blue has become the go-to brand for essential bike maintenance and service. When it comes to bicycle greases, you can expect Morgan Blue to deliver products that are steeped in research, development and plenty of real-life use and feedback, often by some of the best cycling teams in the world. 

General bike greasing - Morgan Blue Calcium Grease

This is a water-resistant grease that acts as a great all-rounder. Consider it your easy one-stop-shop option! Available also in a syringe format with needle nozzle for accurate application. 

High-end solution grease - Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste 

For the pointy end of the cycling world, this is your go-to grease when you need to build a top-performing bike. Once the bike is all set up, you can then rely on Aquaproof Paste to help you avoid any kind of corrosion. Use this grease for the seat tube, headset and / or screw threads. With its origins in the naval industry, Aquaproof paste is super waterproof and therefore great for particularly water-prone areas like the seat tube. Just don’t put this on any moving parts (see the next option instead). 

Performance competition - Morgan Blue Competition Campa Grease Pro

You’ll want to opt for this one when greasing bearings, cables and essentially anything that is moving fast on the bike and coming under a lot of friction. Available also in a syringe format with needle nozzle for accurate application. 

Maintaining a quiet bike - Morgan Blue Brake Silencer Paste 

Don’t apply this to the actual brake pad! This is for applying between the disc brake pad and disc brake piston. This paste will help take up the slack and prevent squeaking brake noises. Because who wants to be heard 100m before they actually can be seen…?! 

What kind of grease do you use for bikes?

Morgan Blue, of course! We strongly recommend Morgan Blue greases because they offer specific products for particular parts of the bike. 

Do you need special grease for bikes?

If you’ve got a standard bike that just needs the occasional bit of maintenance, you’re unlikely to need anything more than the Morgan Blue Calcium Grease. However, if you have a high-end bike or need a specific grease for a particular purpose, you would turn to their other more specialist options. 

Why do you need to grease your bike?

Grease is essential for the ongoing maintenance of your bike as it ensures key components and parts are appropriately looked after and working fluidly. 

Can I use any grease for my bike?

Again, if it’s an everyday bike with everyday needs, you can use the Morgan Blue Calcium Grease. However, the moment your greasing needs start getting particular, or you’re maintaining a high-end bike, then it’s best to turn to a specialist Morgan Blue bike grease. 

Contact us about bicycle greases today! 

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