Bike Lubes

Alongside keeping your bicycle well cleaned and maintained, the application of the correct bike chain lubricant is the best way to ensure your bike’s longevity. The team at Morgan Blue understands this, and has spent thousands of hours researching developing our range of quality Morgan Blue bike lubes in consultation with the cycling world’s top teams.

Choose the right bicycle chain lubricant for your ride

The most important factor to consider when you are selecting the correct bike chain lubricant is the kind of weather you are most likely to encounter regularly. Hot weather and wet weather both represent different challenges to the mechanics of your bike and as such, require you to make the most informed selection of bicycle chain lubricant.

Almost equally significant to the weather is what terrain you are going to experience during your ride. Be it tough mountain trails or extreme road distances, Morgan Blue bike lubes have a solution for every kind of ride. Each Morgan Blue bike chain lubricant is designed to repel and handle different types of debris and dirt during your ride so that the chance of mechanical malfunctions is significantly reduced.

Morgan Blue bike lubes, wherever and whenever you ride

Armed with the knowledge of what you are likely to encounter while out for a ride, it’s time to make your decision on which of the Morgan Blue bike lubes to apply to your chain. To help make your choice easier, we have broken down our bicycle chain lubricant selection by common weather conditions:

Dry weather — Due to the high chances of your chain being exposed to dirt and heat in dry conditions, you’ll need to select a lubricant that is capable of keeping harmful materials out of your bike’s drive chain. For both mountain biking and road cycling, we would recommend you apply either Morgan Blue’s Dry Wax or FM Oil.

Changing weather — For those uncertain days, you will need a lubricant that can handle whatever the ride throws at you. In this case, we would recommend you opt for Morgan Blue’s Race Oil for road biking and extra dry lube for mountain biking.

Wet weather — In a wet weather ride you need the lubricant to stick to your chain no matter what. So, if the clouds are massing before your ride, be sure you apply Morgan Blue’s SYN Lube Course to your chain.

Extreme weather — If you are determined to ride regardless of the weather, make sure you partner up with Morgan Blue’s most hardcore bike chain lubricant: Rolls Pro. Favoured by many professional teams in extreme conditions, it will be with you till the end of your ride.

If you’re looking for an everyday all-purpose bike oil for your city run around or kids’ bikes, select either our new Bio Oil to get the best results.

Order your Morgan Blue bike chain lubricant today

If you want to keep your bike in optimum condition, you need to make sure you invest in the best cleaning products and bike lubes. Feel free to browse our website for our entire range of bike lubes; and for those using lubricant more frequently, we stock certain products in larger containers for your ultimate convenience.

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