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You’ve heard the saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” for good reason! Bike lubes are a fundamental component to good bike maintenance and care. They literally keep the wheel turning by ensuring chain, drivetrain and threaded components can all move fluidly. If you want your bike running smoothly, quietly and cleanly, then bike lubes should have pride-of-place in your garage (or wherever your two-wheel baby sleeps!). 

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Introducing Morgan Blue 

Originating in Belgium in 1994, Morgan Blue was and remains a family-owned business that sprang from ‘Morgan Oils’, which serviced the car and farm industries. Once the brand entered the cycling market, it was not long before the professional world took notice. Morgan Blue began to sponsor an increasing number of pro teams to the point where now, present day, the brand is aligned with some 20% of World Tour legs, providing chains for approximately 60% of the teams. Morgan Blue receives regular feedback from riders, soigneurs and mechanics that in turn informs its ongoing product development. 

What bicycle lubes are best for which conditions? 

Typically, bicycle lubes are split into one of three categories:

  • Dry lube. This is your go-to option when riding in mostly dry or dusty conditions. 
  • Wet lube. The heaviest consistency of all three, you’ll reach for this if the bike is out in wet conditions.
  • All-round lube. This is your solution for all-weather outings as opposed to being out in mostly dry or mostly wet conditions.

    Morgan Blue Bike Lubes 

    Specialists in bike lubes, Morgan Blue, of course, goes several steps better than simply these three categories. 

    Very dry conditions - Morgan Blue Dry Wax 

    As the name suggests, this is a wax formula that is perfect for shedding dust and stops dirt and grime from sticking to your chain. As a dry wax, you will need to apply this every ride or every other ride. 

    Dry conditions - Morgan Blue FM

    Made for exceptionally dry conditions, FM will not only lubricate but also clean your chain. There’s a job halved, although it means you have to apply this a little more frequently. 

    Changing conditions - Morgan Blue Extra Dry 

    Perfect for dry and dusty conditions but with a little more grab than wax, and just that little bit easier to apply as well. More suited to MTB and cyclocross. 

    Changing conditions - Morgan Blue Race Oil 

    The most popular in all of Morgan Blue’s line-up, as the name suggests Race Oil is great for competitive (mostly) road racing. It came about as a direct result of pro teams asking Morgan Blue for a lube that would last the distance in gruelling race conditions. 

    Wet conditions - Morgan Blue Syn Lube 

    Your go-to lube that will adhere to the chain that little bit longer on extended, mostly road rides. 

    Extreme wet conditions - Morgan Blue Rolls Pro 

    A specialist formula that is very sticky and tacky and will hold onto the chain no matter what the clouds and rain throw at you! Perfect for your crazy winter rides! 

    All-purpose cycling - Morgan Blue Bike Oil 

    You’ll turn to this option if you just need to care for the kid’s bike or your take-to-the-shops urban bike. A solid all-rounder, available also in a bio option. 

    What is a good lubricant for bicycles?

    If you take your bike seriously, then you’ll want a lube that looks after it for specific conditions. So the answer to this question is - opt for an all-rounder if you’re not too fussed and just want to care for your bike, so it runs well. If, however, you want the best performance from your bike and if you’re out cycling in specific conditions, opt for a bespoke lube. You will see from the list above all the options available to you from Morgan Blue! 

    How often should I lube my bike chain?

    Again, this depends on your riding frequency as well as the conditions in which you mostly ride. The basic rule of thumb is; the harsher the conditions and the more often you’re out in them, the more frequently you will need to apply lube. So the answer would be daily or monthly! But don’t worry - your bike will definitely tell you if you’re running late (see next question). 

    How do I know if my bike chain needs lube?

    That squeaky wheel will be begging for grease! Yes, you will no doubt literally hear your bike complain that it is time for some lubricant! Alternatively - or in addition - you may also feel it as the components start to move less fluidly, and it becomes harder to turn the pedals. 

    Contact us about bike lubes! 

    If you’ve any questions at all about bike lubes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you, and we’d be delighted to help out.